Friday, May 06, 2005

bestest weekend

Woohooooooooo. I am off to the bakery to pick up my sample cake for the party in July. I picked this weekend for the sample because Kim is coming to visit. After getting the cake, it will be off to the airport to pick her up and she is here through Monday morning. I haven't seen Kim in about 5 years, so it will be a grand weekend. We are meeting friends tonight at 7 at St Pete's for margaritas and then going on a mini pub crawl down and around Market Square. The current plan then takes us to Cabo for dinner, but that is flexible and we could easily end up somewhere else. I was thinking Ambassador, but the logistics are not prudent given that we will have been drinking. I think there will be 8 of us. Should be nice.

Tomorrow I have to work in the morning, but Grupo Fantasma is playing in Galveston at 10 so we might go down after work for some beach time then dinner and Grupo.

Sunday is still up in the air. If we do not head to Galveston tomorrow, we will likely go early on Sunday. Then we can hit the farmer's market on the way home, or maybe make it to West Oaks Birra Poretti's where Ginger and her band are playing Sunday brunch.

The weekend will fly by all too quickly, then it will be time for Kimi to go. Wah.

But she's coming baaaack...for the party in July. Woohoo!!

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