Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Reply cards are a-flying

So far the partay is shaping up nicely. At least guest response is shaping up nicely. It just might be a regular pyjamma-jammie-jam weekend slumber party.

One of my purchases in New Orleans was from a yarn shop. I bought some kettle hand dyed merino wool. $80 bucks worth in fact. A small little bag for my dollars. I was drawn to the saturation of pink and orange and maroon and tan. I had to get it. There was no choice.

I was hoping I would have enough to make a meditation wrap for myself. I crocheted my ass off pre-xmas and while I can share the blanket and wrap I made for E, they are hers. So it is only fitting that I make one for myself. I have been waiting for the right yarn to call my name.

Today I was working with this wool while at work. I am absolutely falling in love with it. Ok. I already am in love with it. I will post a pic soon because I am loving it that much.


1 comment:

Cris said...

pictures please.....
both of the yarn and of the project?

and more details on the big celebration.