Sunday, May 29, 2005

home sweet home

So Wrecks' vacation was short lived. He was gone less than 24 hours as Fatima deemed him just too big. Reall, our only problem with him is that we have two other dogs. Two dogs that we actually went looking for and wanted, too. Not two other dogs who just showed up and stayed. What was I thinking. Yes, this is definitely my fault.

I still have a list to post a needs-a-good-home email to and I think I might post the same on the bulletin board at work. Maybe even go to petfinder. This is a mess I want to make a double effort at cleaning up.

On the fiber front, I finally went out looking for yarn shops in Houston. Ironically enough, a salon client dropped an article from the paper about the renewed interest in knitting. The shop I went to, Yarns 2 Ewe, was the one the paper mentioned. From what I understand it has better prices than the other local shops, but the selection beyond compare is at Nancy's (next on my list). Yarns 2 Ewe had a very unobtrusive staff, perhaps unattentive might better describe them. It was Saturday and they had a few people in there, but no hi or welcome or even a thank you afer I dropped $120. That just irritates me a little. I might email them and let them know of there slight.

You might have figured out, they carry Manos del Uruguay yarn. Ahhhhhhh. I just am in love with this product. The saturated colors, the merino softness, both draw me in to this particular yarn. I first found it at the shop in New Orleans, but Y2E has it for a bit less, so that was a perk. I got some to make a blanket for Hitaji as a thank you gift ofr blessing our union. It will definitely be done by our party. I started the blanket at work last night and worked through one of the 8 hanks of yarn. I think the finished size will be that of a throw with fringe. Pics to come.

I have recently read about felting and that the Manos yarn is a good choice for this. I saw a felted purse at the shop and need to find out if this can be done with crochet rather than knitting. If not I want to learn the process anyway, so knitting might come back for me. The purse is a small enough project. I need to research the process and I am sure Y2E has directions available. I think it involves boiling the finished product. Has anyone done this?

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