Sunday, May 15, 2005

Home sweet home

The whirlwind New Orleans tour has come to a close. A little bit of jewelry, a few t-shirts, lots of new art, consumerism is alive and well in the state of Louisianna.

And did we drink a few beers? Yes, just a few.

Saints and Sinners was as good an excuse as any to hit New Orleans. I really enjoyed the events I made it to, and I enjoyed talking with Toni Amato. She might be just the person to get me headed in the proper direction with my writing. I went to a workshop she did with Amie Evans and enjoyed the discussion immensely.

I also went to a mystery workshop with Ellen Hart. If you have ever peaked at my library link on the left, it is clear I have read a book or two of hers, as in nearly all of them. She was very gracious as were all the conference-goers.

I did not attend any of the readings. The ones I wanted to go to were on Sunday and we were just ready to get home by then. It was late in the day after check out time, and just not feasible when we had a 5 hour drive in front of us.

I saw an ad in the local freebie mag for a yarn shop and dropped just a few $$ there. I think the wrap I make will be divine.

Enough update for now, yawn...

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