Thursday, May 12, 2005

Vacation all I ever wanted

Time for a little adventure. We head to New Orleans today and will be back on Sunday. I am still curious as to my attendance at Sasfest and how much I am a fan vs. a writer. I think it is pretty balanced, but it will be an interesting (at least to me) observation. I learned that Kristi Helms has had to bow out from attending and I was looking forward to meeting her finally. After reading her book and blog, linked left as 'Dish" for some time now I feel as if I know her already, but I like the association of flesh to this online world.

I have experienced this having read Susan Stinson's blog and books and then seeing her at a reading at BookWoman. It was somewhat surreal, and I now hear her voice when I read her work. It is an interesting phenomenon.

So I have to confess. I am a New Orleans virgin. Nice to be a virgin of something, but I will have to seek out virgin status once again after this weekend. We are staying within walking distance, I think, of the French Quarter which is where all the conference activities are centered. There is an informal pre-party tonight, the opening reception is tomorrow, and the closing reception on Sunday. I am sure there will be goings on for Saturday night, too.

Off to get E's car belatedly inspected, then to yoga and then to the post office to mail party invites. Whew, that's an agressive morning for a vacation day.

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Anonymous said...

It all sounds like lots of fun!! Hope you meet some cool people and eat some great food.