Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Just two days...

The weekend was thoroughly relaxing, and now I have just two days to work this week before heading to New Orleans. I have registered for Saints and Sinners and I am trying to keep myself from having great expectations. About the conference, about the time off, about my first trip to New Orleans. Yes, all of the above.

Sasfest is the third annual LGBT writer's conference. It is hard to know without having been before if I feel I am attending as a writer or as a fan. Certainly a little bit of both. There will be many of my favorite authors in attendance, and I find it odd that there is not more excitement on their sites for, if nothing else, to generate attention for the event. I plan to attend a couple of workshops and panel discussions and a few of the readings. It seems the authors I would want to see are all later in the day on Sunday and we might be on the way home by then, but it's all good.

So I have to work today 1-9 and tomorrow 9-6. I am hoping my boss is in a better mood. On Saturday she was in a bit of an odd mood. At first I thought it was me she was put out with for having been sick (um, yeah, really, I was soooo sick) on Friday. As the day wore on, I decided she was just in a foul mood otherwise. As that does not happen all too often, it was just kind of weird.

The laptop will travel, and I will be sure that E brings the camera, so we will be able to document yet another adventure via travelog on EP. Woo. Hoo.

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bananie said...

i wondered where you'd gone off to...well now i found you.

find me back?