Wednesday, October 01, 2003

How did it come to be October???

Yesterday, E and I managed to change the driver's side taillight on my Jeep and it works!! Then we tackled the front driver's signal light. What we found there was an 8 year old (original) bulb that was fused and corroded in the socket.

Leave it to my grrl to put a little muscle into it and get the old bulb out with some pliers and force the new bulb in through all the gunk enough that it made contact!

Wonder no more why she does the man stuff...

Today I need to get my ass in gear and shower, then go get the car reinspected and then go get the registration transferred.

Temp registration for inspection purposes: $5
Inspection: $39
Electrical system troubleshoot: $20
Battery + installation: $97
Tail light and bulb: $70
Registration transfer: $177

Grand total cost to get the car back in the road so I caan return to work after vacation because unemployment expires that very day?

$408 fucking dollars, better spent on vacation in NYC!!

~sigh~but the up side is that we will have 2 functioning cars again and I can work the schedule I want to work rather than something convoluted to accomodate having just one operable vehhicle. Also, there will be more gallavanting potential when my buddy CJ blows into town at the end of *THIS* month (OMG), and as well, I will be able to jaunt down to Galveston on my off days and not have to hurry back to pick up E.

< /ramble >

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