Monday, September 29, 2003

My jeep failed inspection last week. I thought there was going to be something major wrong as I have not driven it in nearly 6 months and have had trouble starting it recently.

The first determination was that I needed a new battery because there was corrosion all the way from the terminal to the fuse box. Once the battery is replaced, however, all the computer systems reset themselves and show up on the inspection test as unavailable. This in turn makes a vehhicle fail. It is my understanding that this happens on every vehicle that is a '96 or older. It also had a bulb on the front driver's side turn signal out, as well as a cracked tail light which also contributed to the failure.

The technician told me that the tail light cover was a dealer part and he could order it but there would be a surcharge, but that I could just pick it up and he would install it when we brought the car back in
and the bulb replacement on the front is a no-brainer. I got both parts today and we will look at installing them tomorrow afternoon.

The tech also said that if I drive the car about 100 miles, all the computer systems will be reactivated and everything should look fine on the reinspect.

Tonight we went for a drive...a 100 mile drive...we started out with a drive around the 610 loop which is roughly 50 miles and goes around the city. It is interesting to see all the different views of downtown at night. I also love looking at neon signs at night, and seeing everything one misses during the day. E volunteered to drive, so I could really look.

After the loop, we wound here and there on other various highways, hitting at one time or another I-10, 59, 45, and repeating parts of 610. Once we were nearly done, I suggested a stop in Montrose for Vietnamese eggrolls and wonton soup from Hollywood, one of our new faves which is gay owned.

yummx3...mission accomplished...reinspectioned tomorrow...cross everything...

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