Monday, September 01, 2003

September is here!

How is it that another year has rolled around so fast? It was just yesterday that my friends all joined me at the campground my family owned in upstate NY in the game room to celebrate my sixteenth birthday. I remember that Colleen, Tina, Eileen, Steven, Michael, Tracy, and Marilyn were there. I remember that i adored a tan corduroy fleece lined jacket that I put on layaway, knowing my mom would pay it off and it would be there that day. I remember sitting there wearing that jacket. We played pool, drank soda, played pinball and bowling, as well as shuffle bowl...all the games we had there. And I remember eating hot dogs from the campfire as well as having cake and ice cream.

In ten days I will be 39. I just do not know how that happens. That means I have just a year to find the stability I want in my life at 40. Mostly financial stability. When I was 16, 40 was so old, so far away.

Would I wish to do it again? I don't think so. Am I nostalgic for that time and those friends? Absolutely.

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