Friday, September 26, 2003

Being sick sucks. There is no other explanation for my relative lackluster desire to do absolutely nothing. Last weekend we had the 2 year old nephew overnight, and we both cauht whatever it was he carried home from daycare. E is a day ahead of me on the curve, and hopefully I am almost past the worst of this crud.

This morning I went to answer my cell phone which was out in the living room. As I picked it up, I noticed out the window a man, the meter reader for one of our utilities, hopping the fence from our neighbor's yard into ours. I am answering my cell phone, and of course the dogs notice him, too.

The patio door was open, so the dogs go into defensive mode and are immediately out in the back yard barking to wake the dead. Nevermind the fact that their mother, me, is standing there completely naked. I realized this before the boy could get a peek, and walked back to the bedroom to throw on my housedress.

I am trying to talk on the phone, get my housedress on, tell the dogs to get inside and shut the fuck up, and let the meter boy go on his happy way...all simultaneously, and all while trying to not hack up a lung.

That was enough excitement for today.

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