Monday, September 08, 2003

8 pm Monday, who could know?

I have been slacking as normal, and dragging my feet on some editing for the September print issue of Emerald Pillows. I have had the files from various contributors for a few weeks, and just kept putting off actually finalizing anything since my worm infestation which necessitated the wiping of my hard drive.

I was able to save most everything, though i did forget a few text files of work in progress which were on my desktop and not filed as they should have been.
This has made me a little more diligent with stuff this time around, and I have made the effort to be more organized with forethought.

Tonight, E is at the movies with her son and the house is silent, still. Why the stillness is any different this evening than it is during the day I have no idea. I have just had the motivation somehow this evening and things are now pretty current as far as the next issue of EP is concerned.

My other efforts of organization in mental process is to have some means of structure mentally in place for my return to work. I will be lunching with my previous and future boss on Wednesday and some decisions will be made. Mainly, what hours I will have to be working. Once I know that, I can then decide when I might have time to work on EP and what time I can allow for other endeavors such as the local lesbian writers' group I have been trying to bring together.

It has been nice to have the work of others' to draw on for this issue of EP. May the contributions keep coming in.

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