Friday, September 12, 2003

Blogger has given me spell check for my birthday, how sweet. Now I just have to remember to use it.

I got a call from my older son saying happy birthday, but it was soon revealed that it was really about him, and a means to inform me that he was thinking about moving back to Texas. I asked him immediately where he was planning to live, and I think I made it sufficiently clear that he will not be living here with us. He really has no clue about the bridges he has burned. Also, I can appreciate that he is still my baby, and I do love him, but I love my peace and sanity too.

I was discussing this with E and she agrees. I told her that I will do everything to help him, and if he shows up at the door, I will find out where the men's shelter that would be best for him is located and even drive him there. But he will not be living under our roof.

He said he had tried to call one of his friends and that the phone was out of service, and he has sent a letter. I hope he thinks this through better than he did the move to his father's. There is a sense of redemption, much like an I told you so moment.

My birthday was a relaxing day yesterday. E and I went to the Olive Garden with a gift certificate for $20 that she got the last time she gave blood. We normally would go somewhere a little more elegant, but we are going to NYC in 3 weeks and trying to save $$ for the trip. So a virtually free meal ay the OG was a welcome gift. After that we went to the museum and toured some of the art. It was also free as it was Thursday. After that we went to Cafe Artiste for a pot of tea and then to pick up the boy who was rather sullen because his football practice was rained out so to him, we were late picking him up...he then opted to go to his dad's, and we went home for a while to let the dogs out. E went to yoga (I had gone in the morning) and while she was gone one of my best friends called and we talked for nearly an hour catching up and discussing plans for the Vegas wedding of hers in the spring. After that I was finally a little hungry again, so E indulged me and we went to Hollywood for Vietnamese egg rolls and wonton soup.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

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