Sunday, September 07, 2003

Fourteen bottles of beer on the wall
Fourteen bottles of beer
Drink them all, after lunch you might fall
No more bottles of beer on the wall

Well, I did not fall, exactly...I sort of laid myself down on the ground while walking the dog because I was laughing so hard I could not laugh and walk the dog at the same time. It really was funny.

We had Papu come over in the afternoon, around 2, to look at the stove breaker. We discovered that when we use the oven and the cooktop at the same time, the breaker flips. Likely the only trouble is needing a bigger amp breaker, but Papu's know all that type stuff. I went to the store on a beer run, and I think we had each had a couple of beers when we decided it was time to eat.

We went to Chili's right down the street where we continued our drinking, each having four or so more beers. Lunch was yummy. I had just chicken tenders and fries with ranch dressing for dipping. As we were ready to leave, three to four hours later, Papu mentioned how much he liked it when we had gone out and he and E were singing all the old Irish songs...

I was just a little tired, and almost decided to take the "you can go home if you want" offer, but I like Nikki's Irish Pub, a hole-in-the-wall pub down the street, so I decided to go along. I am not quite sure what makes it Irish, but it seemed a logical place if they were going to be singing Irish songs.

There was an hour or so of singing before someone put some change in the juke box, and while we were there we each had another six beers.

I felt fine on the drive home, but once home, I would not have been able to drive again. As we walked the dogs down the block so they could do their business, we were cracking each other up, and I got to laughing so hard, I just sat and then lay down in the road because I could not do both at the same time. And that, of course, was even funnier to me. Equally funny was the fact that our pain in the ass late night pool party having noisy neighbors were not doing any of the above. We resisted the impulse to knock on the door and ask if we might use the pool and make some noise to keep them awake til three a.m.

Once we got back inside, we rather ravenously tore each other's clothes off, and hit the sack, umm...not necessarily for sleep...

On other weekend news, I finally began mounting photos into my fine Italian photo album, and I also created my new journal/writing diary/calendar from a blank book that I thought would be right for the job. I used the first third to mount some pics that beg to be fictionalized or memoirialized...the middle third is a week at a glace style calendar which i made with the room i felt necessary for jotting down to-dos and stuff...and the final third is left blank for regular journaling sort of spew. It's gonna be a good thing.

A good drunk and productivity, all in the same weekend...

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