Monday, September 22, 2003

Not sure why I have not had much to say this week. I suppose it is a combination of a few things, but mainly my mind gearing up to return to work next month. I am on the move trying to get everything in place to make this happen.

The challenge this week will be to get my car inspected and registered. I have to go pick up a one trip temporary registration which will let me drive it to get it inspected. That is $5 cash. After thatit is off to inspection and hoping all the way that it passes with nothing major to hold things up. Inspection itself is $39.

Once that has been accomplished, it is back to transfer the tags and get the real registration. $177. It sucks to have to shell out that much dough right before vacation to NYC. Of course I will return to work the day after I get back, so I have to get it taken care of before.

Already accomplished this past week is getting my hair license renewal in the mail. As long as that comes back before I have to report to work, I am going to be ready.

This past weekend was rather chaotic, though for everything that was going on, things progressed smoothly. Suffice it to say I cooked for two different gatherings, both times well received, and I then decided I was tired.

Today was a slugg day and I did absolutely nothing. Back to the routine tomorrow.

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