Sunday, October 05, 2003

An update...we made it to NJ, even though I took us to the wrong airport for our exit from Houston. For a mere $25 each, the counter tech was able to get us on a corresponding flight so we made our connection in Atlanta with no trouble.

My cousin met us at the airport inNewark, and we will be here until sometime Wednesday.

We went to Dinner at a local diner last night and I had a decent burger, and then today we went to some breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn. It was also ok, and my mom is here now too.

After breakfast, we broke ranks and went driving around with my cousin. First we went to the observatory which is at a state park here, and Bill invited us back to view some stars if it clears up tonight. He went on and on...

After that we stopped home and then went down into town and looked in some shops. Then to shoot some pool at a local pub, Planet High Bridge, and had a few beers and then a snack of pierogies...tres yumm. We also monopolized the pool table much to some local asshole's annoyance. All he had to freakin' do was to ask could he get in a game.

Soon it will be time for Alias and we will attempt to convert the entire household as my mother sits there complaining about one thing or another...whatever...

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