Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The first night we were here at my aunt's house, we discovered how hot it gets in the guest room when the door is closed. She said, "Did you crack the window?"

As it gets into the 30s at night, it did not occur to me that this would be okay. Since then we have kept the window cracked and enjoyed the snuggle factor under the huge comforter.

This morning when we awoke at 7ish, it was 34 fucking degrees. Omigod...a heavy frost could be seen when looking out over the back forty. E took one look out the window and said, "Nope! It is too cold to be going to any flea market this early in the morning."

Of course we still got it together and after my aunt threw a pot roast dinner into the crock pot, we were out the door by 9, just an hour past the schedule proposed last night.

We stopped down in Clinton about 15 minutes down the road for a bagel and cup of tea, and as they did not have chai, I settled for an ice cold Yoohoo. Nice combination with a hot onion bagel with cream cheese. While in Clinton, we stopped at the bus station and got our tickets for the ride into NYC tomorrow afternoon.

We then went off to New Hope, PA to the Rice sale and market. I was surprised at the size of this place given it is on Tuesday. It was just enough looking around. Aunt Patty even supplied E and I both with $25 each spending money.

E got a pair of Gucci knock off sunglasses for $5 and then a nice hippy-ish purple cotton shirt for $12. After strolling around some more, she saw a hat she really liked which totally gives her the country-dyke-about-town look. I liked it so I encouraged her to get it. It was $20 amd a similar one she wanted in TX was $100, so it was a deal.

I was entranced by all the knock off purses that were mostly just $20. Plenty of Gucci, Yves St LAuurent, and Louis Vuitton. Of course every other table had a vast array of Kate Spade bags and I am already regretting having the self control to get only two. I got a nice burgunty color one with black trim and a nice dark grey felt one, both rather conservative. I should have also gotten one of the striped ones and one of the pleather ones.

I totally resisted everything Christmas.

We also got an artsy candelabra sort of thing which will always be a remiinder of the trip.

We then went on to the original Peddler's Village (I think) and had lunch. Of course after lunch we drove through the village of New Hope, another walking day in itself for our next trip. and then stopped at an ice cream stand my aunt used to ride her bike to as a girl. I think it was called Dilly's.

Then it was home, and anyone with anysense, namely E, is currently napping.

I am ready to zip on over to the A&P and get some laundry detergent and some Luden's Honey and Lemon cough drops. I got some when we arrived and they are the most tolerable cough drops I have ever had. Not too sweet, not too mentholated, and they really work.

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