Monday, August 02, 2004

So far, so good...sort of.

Well, Connor has been here 5 days, and before the end of the first day, he began his campaign to stay for school. I am so conflicted about what to decide.

Responsible mother Maxine knows it really is in his best interest to be here. The trouble with this is that when he was here three years ago for the school year, the same thing happened when he went to visit his dad. He missed him and wanted to stay when he went to visit for the summer. He was told then that whatever he decided was where he would need to finish out his school days as moving back and forth was not a good plan. He picked Dad's.

His arguments range from missin g me to liking the dogs, to dad being strict and mean. But by far, his best argument is that dad does not always put him first. In addition to that, several months ago, the school suggested that Connor might have ADD. His dad has yet to make a Dr. appointment for further testing. Also several months ago, Connor lost his glasses. His dad never took him for new ones.

Enter into the picture selfish likes her life as it is Maxine. Need I explain that any further?

So last night I picked up the phone to begin a potentially less than rational adult discussion with his father. I was expecting shouting, or resigned relief. What I got was a temporarily out of service message. Yes, we can get a new Mustang, but we have trouble paying the phone bill on time, chronically.


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