Monday, August 16, 2004

Making a sour face

I'm sitting here eating a bowl of blueberries and did I just get a few sour ones. The ones we got this past weekend are certainly not as good as the ones we got the previous weekend. What a difference a week makes!

The mission today will be to get Connor to the eye doctor and then to Eye Masters for glasses. If that all goes smoothly, I will take him out to JCP to get some clothes for school. If we do not make it there today, we definitely will tomorrow.

I suppose I need to check in with Western Union to see if his father sent the money he said he would for Connor to return on Wednesday with unaccompanied minor status. The airline charges $40 for this babysitting, and I don't feel it is necessary, though his dad does. I told him to send the money and if I get it in time, meaning if he actually sends it, then I will take care of it. He was supposed to call back and confirm he sent it, but that was last Thursday. I think I have already taken on that toxicity enough. Inhale...2...3...4...and release...

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