Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Tuesday morning. Ugh.

I suppose that is overstating it just a little. I am just not feeling like going to work today or tomorrow. It is time to begin enjoying the holiday season now! But I have yet to earn the benefit of sick days, but holiday or not, I would certainly use one today if I had one to use.

Of course, I will see Paul today at work, so that is a perk, but I am just...not...feeling...like it.

I also do not feel like going to Papu's house tomorrow night to cook dinner. I did, however, commit to doing this and I will be going, but I told E I would be leaving by 9 so we decided to take two cars. Just in case she wants to stay. I would rather she come home with me at 9, and that might happen. We will have to just wait and see. It is sometimes a challenge to not judge others, I am discovering.

My dad got his gift which likely means my mom did too. I was chatting with her the other daY\y and told her it was coming and she said, "Oh, sorry you went to the trouble." Likely that is depression from the death of my uncle 2 weeks ago as it is his home she is staying in at the moment, helping my aunt. She then said that 'they' should just "turn the m in Christmas upside down." I did not want to dive into any sort of philosophical discussion with her, so I just said ok. It really was rather an exhausting conversation.

My women's group met last Saturday, and that seemed to go well. I volunteered to get that up and running as a yahoo group to make it easier for everyone, and there was unanimous support of that. I came home and got it going rather easily and I also took the time to clean out the various lists I run and also to unsub from many that no longer interest me. It was rather an impulsive moment, but it felt good and perhaps it is a kick off to other purging to come. Like the wardrobe purge. But certainlt not the book purge. I just do not see that happening.

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