Saturday, December 06, 2003

I went to the premiere lesbian social event of the season last night and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. There was a group of four I was officially with and another who sort of joined us who was someone new to me, but the others knew her. I drove so had just a few beers which facilitated having to get up this morning.

The party was at Carol's house. Her house is totally amazing. It is huge, considering she is just one person, certainly enough room for the 300 or so lesbians in attendance to mingle. There is a large foyer where the admission system was set up, and to the left of the entry is a library alcove with a polished marble floor where the tree was set up. Up the stairs to the left was a pool table with a balcony that overlooks the merry making. Out back is a rather large deck where the bar was set up, and off the kitchen is a breakfast nook which housed the buffet of heavy hors d'oeuvres.

Carol does a weekly email newsletter of social events, and that she puts this party on each year, giving her time, and especially her home, is just a genuine gift to the community. The admission is also a fundraiser for a community charity, this year benefitting the Montrose Clinic and Counseling Center.

I saw at least a dozen women I am acquainted with by name, and a few more I know to see around. It was a nice occaision to get to know some of these women a little better, and to meet a few more along the way.

One woman we were talking with arrived with her sister who ditched her there, and the person who agreed to take her back to her car also left unannounced, so I took her to her car as it was somewhere not at all convenient, sort of on the way in a round aboout sort of fashion.

It will be nice to recognize more faces when we go to Meteor next time, and E will be curious as to how the conversation was enough that I know more people...I am such a chick magnet!

I was home at 2:30 this morning. Yawn.

This morning I got up and went to get my nails done, then I got some yarn to make a scarf for E and a plain wreath to hang on the door. I then went to pick up the dogs from the doggie Hilton, and I think a nap might be in order before I work on cleaning up around here and getting more of the holiday decorations out and about.

Yes...a nap is definitely in order.

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