Friday, June 02, 2006

Yes, I heard her correctly...

Some of my coworkers can be pretty flighty and of course there are one or two who take the prize on a regular basis. Today was one of those days.

58 year old Hispanic American coworker to 45ish African American coworker...
58: Have you ever picked cotton? (yes, she was serious in asking this...)
45ish:No...!?! (with the gentlest whatthefuck expression on her face...)
58: Well, we used to do it for fun.
45ish: Maybe my ancestors 5 or 6 generations ago did it, but not for fun. (Lomg pause and WTF expression stretches into a true youdumbshit glare) It was called Slavery?
58: Well I'm not being racist, I was just asking because we useta do it for fun. I'm not racist. Really. I'm not.
45ish: Silence continuing with the combo WTF/YDS glare

58 then launches into a long explaining of why she isn't racist and how she grew up in a way that made cotton picking fun...I really wanted to call and see who our diversity manager is just so she would have to sit through the tapes and class. I still might have to do that tomorrow. My manager won't believe it..


Bev said...

OMG, you have to be kidding me!!!! I understand the WTF look--I have to wonder--WTF????? I love folks who engage their mouths before putting their brains in gear, don't you?!!! Keep me posted on how this plays out.

Crystal said...

Wow....just wow, really....