Sunday, June 25, 2006

Close, But No Parade.

We got down to the parade area at about 730 last night and the parade was to start at 830 or 845. We went to shoot pool at Slick Willie's which is right on the parade route. I lost count after 6 beers, but there was Tuaca bombs and Jaeger(sp?) bombs and a lemon test tube thingy and a couple of Red Headed Sluts involved. Who could resist? And let's not forget Margaritas.

No, we saw none of the parade and we were right there the whole time.

Time for Sunday breakfast at Empire.


So I totally forgot the whole tongue stud pursuit. It was the quest of the evening and we truly had the entire place involved. Beth, currently single, wanted to know what it would be like to kiss a woman with a tongue stud. She has had her tongue pierced 7 or 8 years and never kissed someone else with a tongue stud.

Our first waitress, Stephanie, had a tongue stud and Beth asked her. The askikng in itself was a big leap for Beth because she is so shy about such things. Apparently Steph has tried the whole girl/girl thing and it isn't for her. I personally think if
I had pitched Steph for Beth, she woulda done it.

The bartenders were asked. The other waitstaff. We almmost had one of the Miller Lite girls on the line annd they were all hotties. I think if her boyfriend were not present, she would have gone for it, too. (This was when I felt obligated to do the lemon test tub shooter for her time.)

Dear Sweet Elizabeth was contemplating getting her tongue pierced to help Beth fulfill her quest.

As the evening wore on Beth was less determined that it be a woman. It was a shame that DSE and I both kissed a woman with a tongue stud and poor Bethie had to kiss a boy. He was a cute boy, but still. Eww.

I think Beth should have held out for DSE to get pierced.

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