Sunday, June 18, 2006


i awoke from a weird dream this morning again. i was madeleine, a girl of about 16 who had snuck into the trunk of her daddy's car with her dog pete to see where he went at night. After sneaking out of the trunk, I found myself stranded at a truck stop in Alafuckingbama.

Weirder still, the dogs were up for bed last night before 11 so I expected to hear Miss Lilli barking at 445am. Maybe e put them out and I slept through it. I got up to pee having woken from this dream as Madeleine was looking for a bathroom. I saw it was 745 and I then went and put the dogs out. None of them had made a sound until they saw me. After everyone had done their business, I sat with my laptop to write about Madeleine. I need to do a major edit on it and I have no idea where it came form or where it is going, b ut it continures the bizarro morning in a unique fashion.

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