Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Queen of the Lilliputians finds Gulliver's Turf

Just about every six weeks, I take the thirty minute ride out to Katy to see one of my clients. Angela was my very first client at JCP when I moved to Texas eight years ago. She has been 100% loyal to me, following wherever Goddess Time (tm) took me to work, and once I semi-retired, she was on the short list of clients I would keep up with at home.

She lived in our hood until a couple of years ago when she moved out to the land of bigger is better when her construction company got a couple of Texas sized contracts which has them nicely set and certainly at a new level of financial flush. Angela hasn't really changed much more than her location and I really like that about her. Her family might have bigger toys, but they are still good energy people.

So I pull up to the house and feel so small. For the moment, I am driving a four door Honda Civic LX. Nice basic economical vehicle. When I think about having to fill the Jeep's 20 gallon tank and drive its 13-15 miles per gallon gas hog self, I am glad to have the smaller economical ride.

Hayden and Zach, Angela's boys, were not home today. They are both driving age now and both drive LARGE Ford 2500 trucks. Angela drove a Suburban, loaded, until about six months ago when she got the loaded, though gently used Hummer. It's pretty as Hummer's go, but really, a Hummer. Johnny also drives a big truck, and of course, it is much bigger than either of the boys. Think construction site big. All the vehicles I would think, are company property. Mmakes sense in that way for everyone to have a big truck. I would need a step stool to look under the hood of any of these vehicles.

I actually parked in the driveway today, and the Civic somehow seemed small next to Johnny's Hog. His bike is almost as long as my car. And the airbrushed skulls are oh, so pretty. Really. "C'mon Maxine, hop on we'll go for a spin and give you a thrill."

Now reread that hearing Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade.

No thanks, Johnny, I have to pass. Been there. Done that.


the only daughter said...

Early on, in a former life, I would only drive larger cars. Older cadillacs, eclectras and so forth. We had a mini van for a time. Those very large trucks, hummers and all things monstrous on wheels-scare the willies right outta me.

WenWhit said...

Been there, done that? Really?
What exactly are you confessing to? Have you done big bikes, or big trucks, or Big Bad Johnny? ;p

WordsRock said...

I adore my economical Camry, although it does nothing for my image. A client told me, "You're an accountant. Of course you drive a Camry." I almost cried.

I've been on a motorcycle a few times. Scared the crap out of me.