Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sub Rosa

I am nearing the end of chapter three of Secrets of the Zona Rosa. E and I were discussing getting a Zona Rosa group going and I feel in my bones it is something I am meant to be involved in. Since We don't live in Savannah or Atlanta and since there is not a Houston group yet, I am going to declare here in print (of a fashion), tha By the end of June, we will have something started online. I will send out an email inviting peeps I think might be interested, also by the end of June.

I encourage anyone, interested in participating or not, to pick up this book. It is an exploration of craft. It is memoir. It is sharing. If you don't see it near you somewhere, try or order it from BookWoman.

Stay tuned!

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WordsRock said...

My copy arrived today. :)