Thursday, June 08, 2006

No less than 8 or confessions of a liquid soap whooore

Can you even fathom it? We have eight different shower gels currently in the shower. ( if you count the manly man one which belongs to the boy.

Eight. There are not eight days in the week, so why eight? Two are Suave, two are Graham Webb, One is something Citrus minty and three are from the semi annual Bath & Body Works clearance. No brand discrimination here, yes, I admit to the Suave. And all distinct scents and no lavender, thank you Little Baby Jesus (tm). I am allergic to lavender and all things lavender are pure evil.

At work yesterday, we got some new merchandise. Paper soap. It might be brilliant. But not for the shower collection. Liquid soap is the only way to go. No bar soap for me. Ewww. Liquid soap does have its limitations and the cute grrl purse is one of them Paper soap adapts quite nicely and there is even a choice of colors. The containers came in yellow, blue, red, green, and purple. The first to guess which color I am getting wins a prize*. Really.

*She who is dear *and* sweet forfeits all prize eligibility.


chapin said...

I feel liquid soap poor. I only have four different ones in my shower. My guess for the prize is ummm...purple.

weese said...

dammit...i keep trying to comment and keep getting booted out.

i was going to say purple...but i will go with green so i have a shot at winning.
my reiki wife tells me green is the color of the spirit...or some such thing.

weese said...

o and...thanks for the hair advice -
love advice from a pro :)
see you in 38

WordsRock said...

Well. I'm both sweet *and* dear, but I'm not forfeiting prize eligibility.

Since they don't come in pink, I'll guess red.


WenWhit said...

Bluebonnet, my dear, you are a smartass. :)

KarbonKountyMoos said...

I followed you from Weese's. . .

8 wow! I currently have 2, one nylon scrubbie, 5 shampoos, 3 conditioners, one facial scrub, this cool St. Ives clear pore cleanser, and a razor that always ends up on the tub floor. Along with half of those bottles. What would we do without recycled plastic? And even with all those potions, I'm as far from glamorous as humanly possible.

I'll guess blue.

WordsRock said...

Just how long are you going to make us wait for an answer? ;)