Monday, June 05, 2006

shopped til we dropped

By 10 Sunday morning, we were sitting at Empire Cafe enjoying our breakfast hour. They have a dish called El Paso migas which we have been contemplating for some time. It is certainly enough for two and potentially enough for three or four. Four scrambled eggs (more like six) with chorizo, pico, quac and sour cream served over tortilla strips.

Silly me, but I thought this was all layered and I thought it came with tortillas, not tortilla strips. The chorizo, eggs and pico are all mixed and scrambled. The chorizo they use is super hot. Spicy, mama. Aye. Chi. Hua. Hua.

Luckily, I enjoyed most of the scone we ordered, so when after a few bites I wisely proclaimed I could not/would not finish my eggs, at least I was still rather full.

We have been going to Empire frequently for the entire 8 years I have lived here. I would estimate weekly for Sunday breakfast the last two years and still more for dinner. It is my favorite place for the $25-$35 price range and I even go in the morning mid week, too. I luv me some Empire Cafe.

El Paso migas are an anomaly. Wrong. The first time I have been so sorely disappointed with anything they offer. When I start considering them again, e just needs to slap me. Of course I will be very conscious of *not* considering this dish again.


So after breakfast, we went to Pier 1. Actually we went to Storehouse to look at dressers, but they were not yet open, so right down the way is a DSW and Pier 1 so we went to both. I got two new pair of shoes for work and I passed on the new Teva's, though I might go back for them soon.

At Pier 1, we gt some chimes. Just chimes. Lots of stuff we passed on. We were good grrls.

Then we went back to Storehouse where e found the perfect $1200.00. Wethen went to the Storehouse Clearance Center where they have said dresser for $730. The stuff at the clearance center is discontinued merchandise or customer returns, You really need to inspect pieces carefully, because there is almost always something less than perfect, and all sales are final. There were some dings, and in my opinion, it would have been ours at $500, but too much scuffing for $730. The sales boy let us in on the secret of the sidewalk sale on 6/16 at 20% off, so e will think about it and if it is still there, we might get it. But in the mean time we will look further, too.

After that we went to Ikea. We know what a zoo it is on the weekend, We know it is best to go at 8 pm on Tuesday or Wednesday. We went anyway, dresser seekers that we are.

We didn't get a dresser. We got...(big surprise)...stuff. E wanted some photo boxes. I wanted some magazine files. We always need tea lights. An orange paper lamp? We needed it. Really. The new light for the master bath. Check. Two large frames. There might be more, but I do not feel like getting up.

So we were home watching a really bad Robert Urich movie on Lifetime, and of course we were sucked in. Shelley Fabares and a very young Gwyneth Paltrow were also in it. Soon after we got home, the boy asked e if we could go to Dave & Busters. The initial answer was maybe, but somewhere before the end of the movie it became yes and we will never know what happened.

After killing his oldest daughter's no good husband (a young Chandler form Friends)for the insurance money...after shooting his own hand off for the insurance money (which, btw, he did not get), did dad kill the second daughter' husband? Did he kill the estranged wife or the girlfriend who knows too much? Did he finally kill himself? I think he did finally kill himself because the movie opened with a military funeral and all the 4 daughters and wife in attendance.

We may never know.

D & B was a hoot as usual and our day was terribly tiring. but we had a fabulous time. And, we have some new stuff, too!!

Home at 11 pm...we dropped...

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