Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mystery of the Zona Rosa

Just back from Austin. We went to BookWoman tonight to see Rosemary Daniell discussing her newest book, Secrets of the Zona Rosa. To say I am intrigued is an understatement of sorts. There will be a writing retreat in Tuscany. In all likelihood, we will be going. I bought the book and want to dive right in. I am already spinning the possibilities of starting an online group to plow through this process. Who's in?

Before reading the discription of the event on the BookWoman website, I had never heard of this woman or her book or her workshops. I like it when I can see that I have listened to the universe when it was speaking. Synchronicity. Serendipity.

Goddess Time.


WordsRock said...

*raises hand*
I'll try anything.

maxine said...

I would suggest ordering the book from her website maybe at

I really think this might work as an online group.