Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome Lilli Munster!

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Certifiable. That is what e has to say. I called E and asked her if I could bring her lunch today. I suggested Jason's Deli which E agreed to and asked if I would stop at Starbucks, too. I couldnn't exactly say that might be too much to carry, so the plan was set.

I got to E's work and walked into her office with my arms full and promptly introduced e to Lilly. Love at first sight, of course.


Anonymous said...

So are we spelling it Lilli or Lilly?

I still really love you...sneak


maxine said...




Anonymous said...

Oh hooray!! What a sweetie!


weese said...

How is the minpin adapting to the new addition?

WordsRock said...

Adorable! I want one just like her.

Then again, I just like to be a two dog family again. Best of luck with the integration. :)

~drew emborsky~ said...

awww, looky how cute!!!