Friday, October 07, 2005

Buenos Dias

At 2 am, Nola and Sawyer decided they heard something outside. E got up and let them out, but I could hear Lilli Munster whining and wanting out too. Since I was awake anyway and I am tasked with house training her, I got up to take her outside with the others,

"yes baby, I am going out naked." I went on out and put Lilli in her spot where she promptly went pee. I took her back to the crate and she was quiet for a bit, but as I was laying in bed liistening, her whining increased. E thought it was the squeaky toy we got her, but no, it was Lilly.

I got up with her and took her outside again.

I have stayed up with her and let her crawl all over me on the couch and she just settled down onto the cushion just over my left shoulder. Nola is on the back of the cushion all the way to the left and Lilli tried to go lay with her, but Nola snapped at her. She came running back to the safety of my space.

The integration is going rather well. Sawyer only snapped at her once and that was when she thought she might get a drink from the big dogs' dish. She has gone back to it since, but he only seems to mind it when there is food in the other dish. I have kept Lilli's food and water dishes on the table so S and N don't inhale her food.She only eats about a tablespoon at a time. Yesterday I put her on the scale and the needle didn't even quiver, let alone move, so she has a delicate figure to maintain. That and the fact she is just 10 weeks.

When we were up last night, I scooped her up once she had settled and put her back into the crate and went back to bed with no trouble so I might try that again. Or I might stay up and find something to do. Vacation.

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