Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Still processing

My creativity is still brewing. That loosely translates to my retablo is still a naked tin sitting on the workbench in the garage.

We went out this morning for a late breakfast to Cafe Artiste. We were planning a new budget in a neutral setting. It was rather productive and enlightening. Let's just say we are striving to be on a financial diet with greater success than our nutritional diet.

That doesn't mean I am dispairing or lamenting the state of my nutritional diet. It is working and on goddess time and I am losing, so no complaint. It only means that I hope for better success with the financial diet. Really it just comes to us communicating about finances in a healthy manner. Doing it together. A new breed of conceptual art.

1 comment:

weese said...

it is so important to talk about finances. its so important to leave emotion out of that conversation. money so often is the bane of a relationship...and it should not be. its only money.