Tuesday, October 04, 2005

16 cones

My ebay package arrived today. It is 16 cones of yarn, mostly lightweight stuff, but my imagination is already spinning away the things I might be creating. Most of it is a plain light strand, but some is chenille and some boucle. There is a bit of a musty age smell, but nothing too terrible.

I am considering going to the yarn shop and beginning to learn knitting tomorrow. Maybe. T lost a tire today, so he will take E's car tomorrow and I will take her to work which gets be up nice and early on the first day of my 2 weeks off work.

"2 weeks? how much time did I approve for you?" That was what my boss had to say when I told her I would see her in 2 weeks as she was leaving for the day. Actually I am taking 5 days off which parlays into my return two weeks from today because I switched a few days around.



Anonymous said...

Wait...I'm confused. You don't yet know how to knit? But are obsessed with yarn?

I want to learn to knit. A girl at school has offered to teach me.

I want a knitted present. (That's a hint.)

Cris said...

enjoy your yarn and time to play with it. isn't it fun to have all that creative energy and all the materials at hand. I love the yarns but i just don't have the knack of actually making something.

have fun!

maxine said...

I could take the hint a little better if I knew who anon is...and I am a crochet junkie, so the yarn obsession stems from that.

I have been crocheting for about 33 years now and every time I buy a fine wool at the yarn shop, they tell me it goes so much farther when knitting, so I am intrigued to learn.

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to guess anon is Crystal.

Hey, I started a new blog. Are you surprised?


Oooo I see you have the word verification thingy. Your techy ways turn me on. Let's do it mama!

Crystal said...

Yes, anon was Crystal. Here I am. I want a present! Made by a real family member!