Sunday, October 09, 2005

Creative mind on overdrive.,,

It is a double edged sword for sure. I like all the creativity when it is brewing about. I don't like being less able to focus on one particular project. Specifically, the Lawndale retablo which I really need to get done this week.

I have seen it so clearly in my mind's eye but the tin is sitting out in the garage still naked and untouched.

Manana is soon enough for me...

We are just back from B & N and I was perusing a variety of books. Several were crochet books, no surprise there. I was also looking at a few on altered books and one called the collage Sourcebook. They are dizzying, really. I had a stack of five of the eight I selected to breeze through and took the easy road and selected a scarf crochet book. Of the croochet books, it was the one I would use the most. The others will be on the shelf in time.

I have a gift certificate from a paper/scrapbooking company to use, and I am thinking maybe I will start with the chalks and some letter stamps or embelishments. I can use these things in other mediums, altered books come to mind. I will decide on that after another breeze through the catalog.

We took Lilli Munster to the Bayou City Art Festival today. She is a chick magnet,

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