Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'll take immunity, thank you.

I got on the scal ethis lovely back to work Tuesday morning and it didn't budge. No drama or concern, Aunt Flo is visiting y'know, but I just don't feel like changing the template for nothing.

My retablo is stil sitting naked. I have to turn it in on Friday. I have faith in the universe.

I made a wrap from some of the ebay yarn and I have a scarf going from some of it. Then I decided to combine strands to use it to test a pattern for Donna on Crochetcille. It is for a tote bag and I am nearly finished with it. I cannot decideif I will use it or not. I will wait until I get the strap onto it to decide.

Going back to work is going to suck today. Hopefully there will have been an announcement and I can make my countdown official. I bet y'all have forgotten about the mystery countdown.

Yoga beckons.

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Anonymous said...

Damn it! I DID forget about the countdown! What, what is it?