Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tears for what might have been

No, not for the Astros, that would not have me shedding a tear or two.

Lilli Munster shimmied her petite self under the fence.

the ug dykes have a big dog. Bigger than Sawyer anyway. Under she goes not a care in the world. Reminded me of Traveling Matt on Fraggle Rock. Off to the wilds to explore the unknown. So she was staying right out of my reach under the fence. Fucker.

Then she wanders over to the edge of the pool just out of my vision and what I can see from my peephole between the slats.
Inside, put clothes on, go knock on the ug dykes door before 9am. Not surprisingly, no answer even though both their cars are in the driveway.

So I went back inside to our back yard to see if Lilli had come to her senses and come back over from the dark side. Umm, no.

I could see her make her way from the banana palms around the pool to the other side where the big dog was. Not a peep from him and it was hysterical as he was askeered of her.All 2 pounds of her.

Back out the front door and around to the shared sideyard where the gate to the ug dykes' yard is unlocked. I lifted the latch and over trots the big dog to investigate. Still no sound from him and his tail is awagging. Lilli trots close behind. Sees me. Comes running to the crack of an opening so that the gate remains between me and the big dog. Hesitantly, Lilli comes through to be with her own clan.




weese said...

oooh with these little dogs.
our minpin used to wander over to the neighbors yard. they have a HUGE shepard with invisible fence. key word...invisible - he never caught her - but he tried.
when she passed...i wanted to bury her over there. i thought it would be fitting :o)

WordsRock said...

eek. glad this tale had a happy ending.

now get eb busy fixing that fence so the little explorer can't squeeze under it again!