Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Yawn...I am so awake this morning and i slept lousy. That combination does not often happen. It is a week of full evenings and choices to be made that if two cars are running, would be a no brainer. Hopefully I will find out today that my car is not in need of anything major. I am going to take it to the Firestone we like for inspection and ask them to look and see if it is a fuel pump issue I am having or what. And hopefully, nothing else major comes up during inspection. That is, of course, *IF* I can get it started to get it there. What a pain in the ass this is becoming. The car is a 96 Jeep Cherokee, but has just under 70,000 miles, so I am hopoing it is nothing major all around.

After that, I am hoping to find the Nike Kyoto to try on. Oprah has hyped it on her O list, and it looks to be just the thing I am looking for. If you follow the link you need to click on shop, then yoga, and the Kyoto is there on that page. I am not sure how new or old this shoe is, so finding it in my size is the key. I have found it online for only $19.99, but only through size 9. I have worn Nike's most often, but my size with them is inconsistent and ranges from 9-10.5, so I will go on the hunt first to know I am ordering the proper size the first time.

There really isn't too much else going on today. The choices for this evening are Yoga or a free screening of Lucia, Lucia. I think yoga wins out for E, but the timing is such that we can do both if I drop her at yoga, then go pick up the passes for the movie, then pick her back up, then go back to the movies. Just a bit of cross town traffic to contend with, and rush hour at that. Yoga at 5:30-7, tickets need to claimed by 6:30, and the movie is not til 7:30. Certainly doable, just how much do we want to see this movie. I supose I could go look for more info on the movie to know if I really want to see it or not.

Time for me to be off to yoga...

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