Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I learned this evening that it is a bad thing to roll your eyes at the Brother Where Art Though cd as it plays in the car because it somehow leads to Judy Collins as a compromise.

After the Brother cd, it was Dance Hall Crashers, then Jonathan Richman and James Taylor, then the famed Judy Collins. I admit to finding Jonathan Richman tolerable in a catchy beat sort of way, and I appreciate the song we were blessed with, I Went Dancing In A Lesbian Bar. It is hilarious and I do like it. Ooh, ooh, ooh...But that is where my appreciation ends. After a couple songs from him we were consoled with something easy to listen to, James Taylor. Him, I really do not mind except when I am treated to Carolina On My Mind again and again...and again.

So somewhere after a few JT songs, ye olde Judy Collins was put on. Dreadful. Worse than the Carpenters I was recently bitching about.

Anyway, we went tonight to see Lucia, Lucia. It was most excellent. Anyone fancying themselves some sort of writer should go see it. Suspense, humor, love...it's all in there. I cannot wait til I can buy the video. It better go to video! I have not enjoyed a movie this much in a while. See it!!

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