Sunday, August 10, 2003

I made the conscious decision today that some thoughts will go to a paper journal. I am still not sure which thoughts, but I have several new blank journals begging to be used, and when I see them on sale I really cannot resist, so I figure it is something ingrained and best to not fight it with sensibilities and online convenience. I bought some hot colored pens I have been wanting, and I might make it part scrap book style, though nothing really crafty and pretty, but rather a grass roots whatever catches my eye at the moment type of personalization, and no more hearing my inner voice of reason saying I am too old for such a thing.

I think this might mean back to the book bag again, too, or maybe that cute blue plaid tote I like, if I still have it. Definitely feels like a grrly period emerging, which likely means the funk is lifting. Let's have a party!!

I grew my hair out on my last grrly period, I think I will not be making that mistake again any time soon, but maybe it is time to once again see Mimi fr some durable yet elegant French overlays, a lovely enhancement to my natural nails. I suppose that can wait until I am once again gainfully employed. As to that, I might have made an impulse decision today to apply at The Chocolate Bar. They are expanding and hiring someone, so I am going to take tomorrow morning to tweak up my resume. Hold good thoughts...

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