Thursday, August 14, 2003

I just remembered another aspect of the Paris leg of our European vacation. We walked up an extraordinary hill on our way up to Mont Marte. About halfway up there was a bakery on a street corner, and we ventured inside. We had already been a week in Zurich and I had found my French quite useful. Most everyone there speaks some, if not fluent, English, but in PAris, I slipped into a near fluency, thinking and transacting in French. It surprised me a little as it had been nearly ten years since I had used it. Seeing the movie last night reminded me of the ease of transition. Now I really want to go back!!

The same four of us who went to Europe will be traveling to NYC in October. Should be in for a treat. I cannot wait to get back to Dean & DeLuca, Kate's Papers, and the Eileen Fisher store. Also I read about another paper store called Papivore, I think. I am going to start my research tonight.

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