Saturday, August 23, 2003


Windows crashed on my laptop yesterday. Fuckers! I could not boot up my machine at all. Seeing as ow my tech ability is rather limited, I called up HP as my laptop is still under warranty. The guy I spoke to, Mike, told me the best thing to try if I did not want to restore my system to new, meaning wipe the hard drive and lose everything on it, would be to reinstall the windows OS and go from there. Fucker.

I did this and it overwrote stuff in a manner that I finally found the files, but the WP10 and other such programs cannot be found, so I can not open and view any of the files. I was able to save them to cd and view them in Quark Express on out other machine, but it is a very frustrating operation. At this point, I have decided to do the restore to new and then just reopen the files from that point.

I have not been able to find my mail folders yet, and I am reluctant to lose them, but what will be will be.

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