Friday, August 08, 2003

I was up until about midnight last night, which is not unusual, especially after getting plenty of sleep the night before in addition to a 2 hour nap and a restful day. I slept through until about seven this morning and was both alert and ready to be awake. I have been so groggy in the mornings since this crud I am currently dealing with has set in. I also had a night with no hot flash/night sweats. How refreshing is that? And as yet this morning, knocking wood, no clamminess. Of course it is terribly premature to think it has passed, and I am not so foolish as to hope it would disappear as mysteriously as it arrived, whatever "it" is.

I meet another of my girlfriend's siblings this afternoon. J is in town for the weekend and we pick him up at 3 from the airport. Then it is on to St. Pete's Dancing Marlin for the best margaritas ever while we drink and wait for the rest of the local family to arrive from after work. J is the final family installment for me to meet. I was somewhat nervous meeting her other brother, and for no reason, and I have known her sister from the beginning, so I consider this but a formality. The family dynamics are a hoot.

My morning is flashing past as I have stumbled into two ER reruns that I have never seen before.

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