Saturday, December 31, 2005

I saved $52 yesterday!!

My new boss, however temporary, is a motherfucker...just don't like him. He's sexist in a cultural way. He's rude. He's arrogant. He knows nothing of the JCP way, though he is not new to JCP. I think he got the job as a way to get rid of him whether by his previous manager or by the company.

My real boss has worked so hard over the past few years to turn around a slow salon and she grew sales tremendously. It is just sad that this fucker might destroy that. A lot of good and productive stylists will leave on his watch.


On another note, the holidays have been divine. E has always not been able to take her company's provided holiday time because as art director, she has a magazine to get out and it has a deadline. She has usually been found in the office every daay that everyone else is off, which is usually at least xmas week. This year, the bossman specified she take the days elsewhere. So she has taken a day here and there to coincide with my days off. I think she thinks I think there is such a thing as too much togetherness. Not so. Perhaps there is, but I have not experienced it.

We have been slugging some days, shopping, holidaying...nice.

Did I say shopping? On Thursday we shopped til we dropped. Then after coming home to rest and recoup, we went out to dinner and shopped some more. New dishes might get unpacked today!! I need tto go through the old dishes and check a few and then shelve a few in the laundry room. We need to keep a few 'just in case' dishes. There is also a new kitchen shelf to install which is E's department It will house all things tea I think and maybe some fine glassware. Maybe.

Yesterday, Y2E had their annual customer appreciation sale. Everything in the store was 20% off and clearance and books were 30% off. I didn't even go near the books. What a good girl I was. I did, however, get some lovely yarn. I even thought ahead to xmas next year and got stuff for a few scarves. I promise pics will be taken and posted. The sale continues today, so if that fucker I work for plucks my last nerve, perhaps some retail therapy might be in order.


Happy New Year.

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weese said...

happy new year gals.
and happy shopping.