Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yes, my fingers were flying elsewhere.

As Cris suspected, the lack of posts is somehow proportional to the scarves I was crocheting for AssistHers. They currently have 30 clients and I made scarves for each of them which will be added to the holiday baskets each client receives. The scarves are done. Whew.

I have also knit other scarves along the way and I am currently working on my International Scarf Exchange scarf for my secret pal. I would link to her blog or tell you where she is but if she is reading, which I doubt, it would be less a secret, huh?I need to takes pics all around which I might do today or tomorrow. I need to photograph stuff for an etsy site as well, so tomorrow might be the day.

I love the wool E bought me from I was winding it into balls so I could play with it, but then I see dye on my fingers. The smart thing to do would be to rewind it into hanks and give it a wash before playing with it further. Which means it needs to hang dry. Which means a week or so before I get to play. I have 7 hanks from them all of various weights and I don't know if I should prewash all of them as a matter of course or not. Needs further consideration.

I need to go get my ass into the shower if I am to go to Crate & Barrel before working 3-10 tonight. Yes, tonight. 3. to 10.


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Cris said...

good reason to be will make some folks warmer and happier.

too bad about the new yarns...
patience is not ever fun!