Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why Wah and an announcement

Well, the announcement should have been made months ago and I am over thinking I might jinx it. JCP is going into the mall that is just a mile from home and with any luck, my manager will get the salon and take me with her. I currently work at the Sugarland location which is 15 miles and one $1.25 toll away. It is a 17 minute commute most days. A two minute no toll commute will be much preferred. Can anyone say Santa bring me a scooter?

The wah was because I could not get into my site to read my dailies. I could get in to post, but not to read.



Anonymous said...

It will happen! It is meant to be but...

no expectations and all the bother.


Crystal said...

That's great!

I had problems getting to your journal too. I usually open everything up in tabs to read and close them as I go (except for LJ which I just read in my friends page). Yours wouldn't open yesterday.