Friday, December 02, 2005

post slacker

December 2nd? When did it get to be December? Why does that date ring a bell?

Silly, I know the answer why. December 2nd is the night of Carol's annual xmas party. Hundreds of lesbians having a house party to mix and miingle. I have on the cutest jeans right now and a grrlygrrl top is hanging in the closet. When I get to work I'll get the ooh, Maxine must be going somewhere she's so put together. Then they'll say Well the makeup will consist only of eyeliner, but siince I can't seem to give a shit on a regular basis about what I am wearing on my self or my face, people will talk.

I love it when those bitches have something to talk about and it's me.


Crystal said...

Um, yeah, hello. More posts please!

Cris said...

missed you there.....
figured the fingers were flying on needles rather than keys!