Thursday, December 22, 2005

A post, she asks for...

Seems to me I have been busy lately. Connor is here and we are running around doing stuff beyond work. Last night we went to the pool hall for an hour or so and Beth came to hang out for a little while. I made her a blanket for xmas for all the teasing she does about my old lady ways of crochet and knitting. It is rainbow striped and very gay, its true salvation. Yet another project left unphotographed, but I can snap a pic next time I am over at Beth's.

Tonight after work is Dave and Buster's.

Work is its own set of drama at the moment. My boss was finally transferred and we see her a few hours this week as she is trying to help the new guy. Leo. Don't like him. If I wasn't transferring next month with my boss, I would be quitting sooner, not later. He is pretty incompetent and sexist in a cultural way. Very look down my nose at the american(or really any) women. ?He walks around with this you don't need to explain anything to me as I can deal with it all as it arises attitude, yet he doesn't have a clue. Really. Sure, any of us can manage personalities to a degree, but he has no clue about ordering supplies or scheduling or handling customers in 'the Penney way". He proved this yesterday and I am just glad my transfer has been approved. I wonder was he promoted and transferred to be gotten rid of. Given just enough rope to hang himself, perhaps.

I will need to sit and update further, soon, I promise. I am off now to do some side hair before work. Woohoo.


weese said...

side hair?
so will you not do the hair on top then?

Crystal said...

I was thinking the same thing! Thanks for the post! It's good to post! Say hi to Connor, though I never met him and he'll be like, "Who?"

maxine said...

Connor did say 'who?' as predicted and I cleared it up for him and he says hi back.

Side hair might just be the new mullet phenomenon.

Crystal said...

I hope you didn't clear it up for him by showing him his cousin in an impromptu chopstick hat.