Monday, January 02, 2006

New day, new year...

I went to Costco for some groceries and I was really good to only get one impulse item. Even better, it is a s'prise for with most s'prises for E, it is really something for us and something in the last week she has said 'I wish we had...' at least two times, maybe three. Score.

As to resolutions, for me it is coming down to resolving to eat only if I am hungry. It is a matter of retraining my hands and distracting my brain, I think. I already have a pretty good handle on emotional eating and can say with confidence I don't do it often. I am however, guilty of boredom eating.

So the over-riding goal in this new year will be to eat only when hungry. Maybe if I wait to make cookies until I am hungry, licking the bowl will not be sabotaging myself. Or not. I can't say not baking cookies because I just enjoy it too much. Last year when baking, I began immediately moving the goods to the freezer and in portions. That helped tremendously. My cookies are loaded with stuff and extremely rich. This makes them easy for me to eat just one. Having them readily available when I want one really reduces my desire to buy a box and overindulge. That takes care of crunchy sweet.

Crunchy salty is taken care of by these chips i like that come in a big bag at costco. I bought a large glass clamp jar which extends the freshness tremendously so a bag last a couple of weeks. I also got some single serve 100 calorie bags of popcorn. Kettle corn even.

And then there is fruit. I am going to try to get fruit if the boredom eating kicks in. Or yogurt. I got some yoplait thick and creamy and I amliking it.

We shall see. I think I will stay away from the scale for a couple of weeks.

And let us not forget, I need to get my ass back on the yoga mat.


Elizabeth said...

You must love moi.

Crystal said...

I've been telling myself that I "can't eat" certain foods. Like I have diabetes or something. But the truth is, I get really bad acid reflux when I eat "bad" foods. So in reality if I don't want cancer of the esophagus, I technically "can't" eat those foods. It works when I'm at the store. And since I haven't really bought any "bad" foods for the new place, there has been no temptation. I just need to get in the habit of cooking food instead of takeout sandwiches.

weese said...

food = fuel

Cris said...

im with weese. without food there is no life.
i gave up on diets, gave up on scales, gave up on resolutions, taking it one day at a time is all that works for me. sometimes emotional eating is just the way life is. for me the boredom food is not good, nor is the frustration food, but its better to stop the boredom and the frustration than to try and stop eating.

maxine said...

I certainly agree about food = fuel. I think portion control is where I have gone astray lately. I am just commiting to trying to make mindful choices consistently.