Tuesday, January 31, 2006


My ISE pal received her package. I finally added her blog as a link. I didn't add her sooner because I did not want to give away the secret part of the exchange. I am sure me not emailing her has been excruciating, but from her response, it was worth the wait. Mog's Blog has pics of the finished product.

Work has been pretty uninteresting of late. I have been two weeks with no clients or stylists to deal with and even though the work has been more physical than I care for, it has been a pleasant calm. Transfer stylists started yesterday and Sunday marks the soft opening. The Grand Opening of Memorial City JC Penney is Friday 2/10. Doot do doooooo...

The down side to the move is that knitting will not be allowed on a regular basis. The desk is just configured in a prohibitive way. I have never been one to take my alloted breaks, but I might begin to and just sit in the back and knit for the time allowed. It really does go a long way toward keeping me calm when I can knnit freely. I might test it to see if two 15 minute knit breaks make any difference.

Speaking of work...


Elizabeth said...

Oh no! No more knitting at work?!

Master tricks us
Master is tricksy
Master doesn't likes us
Master will see
We will find a way!
We will find a way to knit

Donni said...

Yay! It was hard not hearing from my Pal - but I love my scarf as you know and LOVE the box too!