Sunday, January 15, 2006

And now the real work begins

What a chore work was on Saturday. I worked only 8-1, but Saturday mornings are just chaotic. I actually left close to 130 as the district mgr was coming in to get her hair done and Drayson had to help set up her special room. He came a little early, I stayed a little late. Now I do not have to deal with stylists and clients again for a few weeks. This is where the real work comes in. I t might be a little more physical than what I have become used to. Oh well. It is certainly better than being stuck at the old place. Woohoo.

I go to the Memorial Citry store 9 am tomorrow morning. I will likely get there earlier and I need to get my temp schedule from Sharon tomorrow. If I remember correctly, she said she is off Wednesday and Friday this week which means I will be off those days. I really only care because I want to get to my 35 week average asap so my insurance can switch over. My current insurance is with unicare and it sucks. Still better than no insurance, I suppose, but sucky just the same.

I did an update or two over at the jknit blog, but I am not so sure about keeping up with two blogs. Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.

I noticed recently that my reading has been cut way down by my knitting. Both are a therapy of sorts and I am not sure how to remedy this. My writing seems very connected to my reading so my writing has also suffered. I am not sure if it is just a matter of discipline or if I should monitor and schedule these activities. That is not too likely to happen, but it's a thought. If everything happens as it is supposed to, and I do support this idea, then I can go with the flow and let my current sparked interest decide what is to be done to occupy my time.

Where are those knitting needles?

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Crystal said...

Can you use knitting as a reward for doing some reading/writing? Like if you do x-amount of reading, you can knit for however long? Or get the reading out of the way sooner, so you can free up the evening to knit.

Are there knitting shows? And is it like porn for people who love knitting?