Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I have a date!

Saturday the 14th will be my last day in Sugarland JCP and Monday the 16th I start at the new store. WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

I suppose I could nowcalculate the hours I will have to work with that SAMF, but I knowit is soon enough that I will be gone. Also, I gave him a little queenmaxine yesterday so I think we have an understanding.

I have some new pics to get up on the yarn blog, and I have new yarn to work with. I might even bring some to work today.

I reserved space at a yoga/writing retreat in April which is at Margaret Austin Center. Shame on me for not posting a link, but it is too early and you can google it if you are interested. It is with Charles MacInerney, a yoga teacher fromAustin who I have had a class with and I like a lot. MAC is only about an hour from here. If I like him for the weekend, I might save for one of his 8 day retreats in Yelapa or Guatemala.

We also made reservations for the October trip to Santa Fe/Taos for the sheep and wool fest there. Unhuh...And E found out it is also the weeks of the balloon fest in Albequerque, so I know it will be a double delight. Of course it is a double delight any time we travel, so another countdown begins.

Oopsie, timeto go...

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Cris said...

busy, busy...and getting into the new work space too.
2006 is starting well for you.